Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Best Posts of 2009 Awards!

There’s a side to ‘blogging’ that is very voyeuristic. I love reading about people’s lives and hearing their stories. Eventually one is able to recognize people through their styles of writing, the words they most commonly use, the tone and reflections of their tales, memories and insights.

Now that it’s almost the end of 2009, I thought I’d ‘award’ some of my favorite blog posts of the year.

Here is your award if you are listed below:

and here are my picks for best posts of the year:

MoMadDog's tales remind me of a friend cleverly recounting his daily chuckles to you over the phone or at dinner…the kind of friend that talks and talks and talks when you need to block out all the crap going on in your head. He only posts once a week, but I never forget to read. Here is one of my recent favorites and the first on my list of best of 2009:

Best Short Tale By A Brit 2009

I love Steamy from Steam me up kid. My sweet sweet Beckerino…
She gets two posts of the year, just because:

I cry every time I read this post:
Best Post about A Dad Ever

Jeremiah has no idea who I’m referring to when talking about bloggers, or calling them by name like they're my actual friends, so I call Steamy ‘that chick that spread her boyfriend’s buttcheeks’:
Best Q and A 2009

These two posts from Allie go hand in hand. There’s something so endearing about this random girl. I like her.
Best Comeback 2009

Best Comeback Video 2009

I just read this recently, but it instantly became one of my favorites. Great job Hunter. Wait a damn second. What kind of name is Hunter?
Best Thought-Inducing Post of 2009

Sam is my internet big sister and a kick ass one at that. This post contains one of my all time favorite lines from a blog, “If you like, call me a panda.”
Best Reference to My Son's Favorite Animal 2009

Anna Russell used to be my favorite read, but alas, she has disappeared. I hope she’s not…you know…in jail or whatever:
Best Dwarf Kicking 2009

This one’s by Vic, and it’s not that this is a mind blowing super awesome excellent can‘t believe how wonderful type of post, but it just rang so true to me, like I was watching it happen right in front of me. When I read her blog I always think that she puts words in the right order just for me:
Best Conversation with a French Bitch 2009

Don’t be pissed if I didn’t pick a post of yours. I’m sure you’re totally excellent and I love you, I love all of y’all. (I’ll seriously send someone a dime if they can tell me what song that is from).

What are some of your favorite posts of this year? And if you decide to do this ‘Favorite Posts of 2009’ tell me and I’ll update this post with links to your post.


mo.stoneskin said...

Talks and talks and talks?

But only once a week, I keep my cakehole shut most of the time (to give you all a break), thanks for the mention girl, much appreciated!

Mr. Condescending said...

Mo rightly deserves it, pretty nuch every post of his is hilarious.

I would have a real difficult time picking best post, there are so many great ones!

erin said...

Mo: Writing posts and having conversations are two different things. I could hear you telling all those tales you write about once a week in a back to back non stop conversation. And you're very welcome.

Mr.: If I could remember them and the content of them then they were definitely my favorites. I didn't want to have to page through my favorite blogs to find posts to 'award'...I knew which ones off the bat. That made it much easier.

Anonymous said...

Allie and Steamy definitely deserved those.

I still go back and watch that video. Badass.

I'm not upset at all, just so you know.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Thanks, Erinski! I love being known as the girl who spread her boyfriend's butt cheeks. It's a long nickname, but it's so worth the extra effort.

I like to think Anna fell in love. It's how I cope.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I am pissed. I am a damn sore loser. Laugh.

Love you,


Kurt said...

They all totally deserve it.It's like a punch in the face when you make a racial insensitive joke. Only a lot nicer.

erin said...

Aly: I didn't think you would be pissed. Why is your picture not there? I hope this is actually you I'm talking to...if not I'll look silly.

Steamy: You're welcome. That's a nice idea, about Anna. I'll think that too from now on. Or she's just too busy with a fabulous and successful life to post.

SB:Love you too? Are we in love now? That's cool. Jeremiah shows his love by sending me gifts in the mail everyday...isn't that how you would show it too?

Kurt: A whole lot nicer? Or just a little bit nicer?

kara said...

you're so good at making decisions. i can't decide what to have for dinner. and if i decide it's sushi, i then can't decide where to get it from. and then whichever one i end up choosing will most likely be closed on mondays. which is usually the day i decide on sushi. vicious non-linear circle.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Nope. Sorry Erin. I'm a cheap motherfucker. No gifts. Good try though.

Vic said...

Thanks Erin! It's like I sensed it or something, because today it's cold and I wore my Erin-original scarf and hat to work (cold in Southern California equals 40 degrees).
And then I checked in on your blog and I was a winner!! Woo hoo!

I do pick the words out just for you.

I think Anna became a secret assassin.

mylittlebecky said...

yes, yes and yes. good show :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's me. I forgot I was logged into my other email when I commented. I might still be now... I haven't checked. We're about to find out! OH this is exciting!

I'm not pissed. Sad face. says it right there under the word verif. Wow. Ok. I have to go now.

Hunter said...

Hi, Erin. You were right. This IS different. Thank you. I'm very flattered and particularly pleased to make it in under "most thought-inducing." Because, well so much of what I post isn't thought inducing. Speedo haiku anyone?

Oh, and the irony of my name and that post isn't lost on me either. ;)

Thanks again!

Sam said...

I am absolutely THRILLED to be included. Makes my day, in fact. Big hugs, lil sis.

John Pender said...

You only left out the best post ever!
But that's okay. I still luvs ya.

Eidothia said...

No I am not angry at you for not picking any of my posts up! Not at all. I am just a bit mad!! Dint you find any of my witty ramblings worth it? And how about those crying sob stories I write eh? :P

Glad I found Mo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin!

p.s: I picked the needles, yes the knitting ones, first time ever :)

Prosy said...

I love it when people do this- because then I find good new blogs!

Cristin said...

Had to read the French Bitch post and was not disappointed. Thanks a bunch.

Mel said...

Like I have this kind of time!!! Seriously, though thanks for the links, I've only read one and it was so very good. I guess I'll be spending more time online getting to know these bloggers, my family will be so thrilled....

Tom Bailey said...

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