Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boots for Birthdays is Totally Teenager

Ok. So I didn't win the Sony Reader. Here are the quotes she picked...you know, the people who are winners. Who aren't me.

I probably created a ton of traffic on her page constantly going back to it and waiting for her to announce the winner. Jeremiah and my Dad both seemed to think that I definitely wasn't going to win. They weren't being mean...they both thought it might have been a mistake to link her back to my blog, considering she's a Christian Homeschooler and I'm a Faithless Whore. Ok. I'm not really a Faithless Whore, I just thought that would be funny to say.

*Somewhere in time and space my mother is clicking her tongue and rolling her eyes.*

This morning Olivia had 'Breakfast With Santa' and since she had to be there at the time that we usually start our day, it was just her and me getting ready in the morning.

I had helped her get dressed in a really cute 'Christmas-sy' outfit and realized that the boots we had purchased her for her birthday would go perfectly with it.

I told her I had a surprise for her and to wait on the couch while I went and got it.

"A surprise? Is it big? Did you wrap it? Is it candy? Is it a puppy? Is it a mechanical puppy? Does it bark? Why are you giving me something right now? I won't even have time to play with it." Pout...pout...pout.

"Olive, It was something I was going to give you on your birthday but I think will look really nice with your outfit."

"OH NOooooOOo... Mom. Not earrings. 'Member that time Dad got my ears pierced and you didn't know and then when I came back to your house they were all infected and you said I shouldn't wear earrings cause I have sensitive ear lobes!!?!?!?"

It was here I actually felt a little bit older than my 28 years. Should I really be mothering right now? Shouldn't I be jet-setting across the planet with my Swedish masseuse Geraldine Marie?

"Wow. Liv. Just settle down. It's not earrings. Just sit still, I'll be right back."

I went and retrieved the boots from a secret hiding place (big box in the basement draped with a towel that's covered in toothpaste...don't ask me...I don't know).

I brought them up to her and she did look a tad bit disappointed. The look on her face really surprised me considering that she had totally annihilated her favorite boots the other day and here I was, presenting her with a brand new pair.

"Thanks Mom. I'm glad you didn't give these to me for my birthday though..."

"Really, Liv? I'm actually pretty surprised that you're not more excited. I thought you'd definitely like to have replacement boots for the ones you used to wear every single day..."

"Boots for my birthday, mom? That's totally teenager."

"Wow. Liv. Ummm.. Well they're not boots for your birthday, I'm giving them to you right now, three weeks from your birthday."

"Oh. Well...I guess that anything's better than earrings. I really thought you were going to give me earrings...but then I thought, why would she give me earrings? I don't like them and she doesn't like them, and Rose doesn't even wear earrings and neither does she..."



mo.stoneskin said...

If I was a young girl I'd also like new boots.

Ms. Moon said...

I'd like new boots and I'm old. She is darling.

Logical Libby said...

I am so glad you didn't give her earrings. That would have been such a faithless whore thing to do.

otherworldlyone said...

That's what I asked for. New boots. New, expensive boots.

I'm launching a mission to sit on every department store Santa's lap, just in case he's some rich do-gooder/man whore in a suit and wants to be my sugar santa. You never know. It could totally happen.

Thank you for the Christmas card, Erin! It was adorable!

Petit fleur said...

My dad used to travel for work when I was little. All I wanted were white go-go boots... One day he brought them home from New Mexico. I was the heppest, happiest girl in the neighborhood that day!

Never underestimate the power of cool boots.

mylittlebecky said...

aaaaw, she's so cute. and also ungrateful, fire her immediately! kids these days, pfft.

bonus boot story: i was in a doctor's waiting room and this lady said, "oh, are those uggs?" and i had to say, "no. they're target." i am soooo classy. i love target.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you almost have a teenager there, they do grow up fast. And you never know what a teenager is feeling, at first!


miss. chief said...

I also asked for new boots. Ah, kids. Ahhhhh...kids. *sigh* they just don't appreciate stuff.

Sam said...

Faithless whores seem to have good sense about when to give boots. Which is good since I'm one, too.

Kurt said...

My teenager told me I can't buy her clothes of any kind for Christmas. But I'll show her!

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Is that my new favorite up there? I do believe it is. I'll take her dressed just like that. I think she'll fit into one of those flat rate FedEx boxes. I LOVE those flat rate boxes! What a value!!

Anonymous said...

CUTE! Sorry you didn't win....

John Pender said...

Funny. :)

Maura Kathleen said...

Very cute. =)

Eidothia said...

Kids! Such thankless gits I say!! Have them you are doomed, dont have them and you are doomed further :P

Miss Yvonne said...

Oh kids! Aren't they just precious??

The answer here is no.

P.S. She looks adorable in her new boots. Thank god you didn't get her something as stupid as earrings!

otherworldlyone said...

Just thought I'd tell you that I realized I can totally see your boob in your twitter pic. Wow, Erin. DO it.

Jay Ferris said...

You so need to give her some earrings as a fake gift this year.

Unknown Mami said...

Olivia looks beautiful. I think you should give her earrings as a gag gift for her birthday.

I'm sorry you didn't win.