Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ultra Cute Crochet

After much cajoling and procrastination I have finally set up a separate site for Ultra Cute Crochet! Instead of being bombarded by sales here at Blogging is For Dorks, go be bombarded with them over there:

Ultra Cute Crochet

Look at the "They Love Me!" page to see if you're included. If you're not, please tell me so I can include you!

If you promote me on your blog and tell me about it you get free shipping!


Missy said...

Going now!

steff said...

this is awesome! serious congrats for you for branching out even more. i can't wait to buy something! i just need my life to calm down a bit first. between planning a wedding and leaving my job i've been riding the non-stop train to crazy town.
that being said, i would also love to pimp you on my blog and will do just as soon as the train reaches the station.