Friday, October 15, 2010

Mizzle the Flying Cat

Once upon a time there was a sad cat named Mr. Mizzle. A little boy told me he was named this because he looked grey like a rainy day.

Mr. Mizzle was poorly cared for and often abused. I knew a tall blonde boy/man who got joy from launching Miz from his high hilltop porch into the traffic below. I saw this happen many times, much to my own chagrin Mizzle would run back up onto the porch after his near death launch.

I would sometimes consider stealing the cat away and giving it a nice, clean, happy home. But I was too young and too careless to give it any real thought. If it were me today, the grown up me, I might have done something. The little girl me, the teenage me, watched in terror as Mizzle suffered abuses from uncaring 'owners'.

And sadly, a few times, I may have even laughed at those random porch launchings.

Mr. Mizzle was murdered in a horrific manner at the hands of two dumb, drunk, coked out men on a windy rainy October night 13 years ago. I'm not sure how Miz's owners felt about this. They may have laughed, internally processed it, felt sad or remorseful. I never asked.

Thankfully I didn't witness the cat's death, but it did mark the last time I set foot in that hilltop house.

R.I.P. Mizzle. You were a real characterization of one little boy's grey view on life.


Missy said...


steff said...

so sad!
i just told my husband today that should anyone EVER hurt my cat in anyway i'd probably go all crazy commando on their ass and beat them with my adrenaline revved super-cat-mom strength. i've always had a problem with animal abuse. much like child abuse it hurts to know about bc they're just so helpless and innocent. they love you unconditionally and just want to be loved back which is probably why Miz kept going back to the house of his abusers. they were HIS abusers and he stuck it out, through good and bad.

R.I.P. kitty, you deserved better.

Elly Lou said...

Mizzle is the best name ever for a kitty! It's raining here and now I'm all grey, too.

diane said...

That's a horrible fate for that animal, why didn't you anonymously call the SPCA on those people?