Thursday, April 29, 2010

T-Shirts and Cheap Flip Flops 4-Ever!

No offense to Maxine Jane, but I am sick of talking about her.

On my birthday my mom took me shopping. As I've mentioned many times before, I don't get many opportunities to shop so I was quite excited, especially since I'm not wearing Giant Lady sizes anymore.

I won't tell you the size, because if I did and you wear that size you'll be all offended and pissed off. But I was pissed off all the time regardless of bloggers comment's about the ridiculousness of that maybe it doesn't matter?

ANYWAYS I still wear a 14. Which is almost more embarrassing then a *Giant Lady* size because it indicates that although I haven't let myself go completely, I still have a rather disproportionate arse and blubbery thighs.

Don't get me wrong, I had a best friend growing up who was very tall and wore bigger sizes, although she appeared to be much thinner than me.

But alas, I am short and unless I have a freak growth spurt right now, I have no excuse.

My momma and I have been fighting over clothes for 25 years. She wants me to look nice,I just want to be comfortable. I gravitate towards jeans, jackets, and t-shirts. That's pretty much all I want.

Instead I got these two things, a lacy black cami and two pairs of capri-type jeans (one of which is a totally cool 50's inspired pair that just calls out for little bobbie socks and loafers!).

At another store I got a dress (Black with Big Grey Polka Dots!!) and a pair of shoes:

Although I loved everything I got that day, I'm sure if I were shopping on my own there would have been a completely different outcome:

And a pair of those $2 flip flops from Old Navy with the sequins? I really love them. In green. OR HOT PINK! Yay!

Oh and if I would pay a dumb ass number like $30 on t shirts (if you spend $30 on a t-shirt I don't care if I offended you...spend less money on t-shirts) I would buy myself, Jeremiah and each of the kids 10-15 t-shirts each from

I even know which ones I would buy.

This one for Elijah:

This one for 'Rose' (but I would buy an adult medium for her, so I could wear it and she'd whine about how she never can, cause I always have it on...)

This one for Jeremiah:

And all these (and more) for ME!


miss. chief said...

I love every one of these things. I like your style! :)

Nicole said...

OMG. That RAWR dinosaur Tee is the most awesome thing in the history of the word. Me want.

otherworldlyone said...

I love those t-shirts. AND your "nicer" clothes.

My BFF got the kid a hot pink t-shirt of a cartoon dino stomping on a city and it says "First Crush". Its so freaking adorable. If I could squeeze myself into it I would.

It's all about the dinosaurs right now.

Amanda said...

Those shirts are very precious little shirts! although I do have to say lately I've been rocking the tshirts and not even jeans -- try cloth capri pants with a drawstring -- and no bra, unless I have to go out, then it's a sports bra, but I guess whats' what being pregnant will do to you.

erin said...

Missy: Of course you do.

Nicole: I know!!! Me want also.

Aly-Bear: Dinosaurs and Bears are all the rage. I can totally deal with that.

Amanda: I think I wore hippy sundresses during my whole pregnancy with Elijah. I was a hot mess.

Logical Libby said...

Capri pants are just pants on me. I'm a bit stumpy in the leg department.

Sam said...

I just got almost those same shoes, but in red. Red? All my shoes are black. Now I'll probably never wear them.

Ally said...

Love your style. I could live in flip-flops and t-shirts. Very cute! I hope to someday drop another 50 so I can wear cute tees. The ones they make for big girls are so lame!!

erin said...

Libby: I have no idea why I insist on wearing capris, I'm pretty stubilicious as well.

Sammy Sue: Red! Genius!

Ally: I lost 50 pounds since Oct. 30 more to go! If I can do it, anyone can. ;)

Sam said...

Hey, I love that name: Sammy Sue! I may use that in bars. :)

And you've lost FIFTY pounds? Holy moly, girl. You're an inspiration (and a svelte, sexy one at that.) Any tips?