Sunday, April 25, 2010

She's a Gross Brat...Or a Grossly Mistaken One?

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So Ben Folds tweets @me. He took a photo from his hotel room asking what city he is was Pittsburgh and I guessed the right city and the right hotel. And now we're pretty much best friends.

I guess this week's posts were supposed to be all about Maxine? We can talk about her too, if you want.

Max spends three days of every week with her Dad. Sometimes she calls me and sometimes she doesn't. I wait with bated breath for her to get bored enough to want to talk to little ole' momma.
Our conversations are pretty short, because as I mentioned last post, she's not ordinarily a big talker. She'll briefly tell me what she's doing, that no one is playing with her and usually that some horrible injustice has been done to her. Most often by one of her sisters, sometimes by a rogue cousin and just every once in awhile by her precious Daddy.

"Daddy said I was gross."

"WHAT!? Maxine, I'm sure you're daddy wouldn't say that to you. You should tell him that you think he said something mean to you and I'm sure he'll explain to you what he really said."

"I told you what he said. He said that I'm gross."

"Okay, well Maxine, you are definitely not gross. You're lovely and wonderful and smart."

"Daddy said I was gross."

Oh boy. I couldn't sway her, no matter what I said in her Dad's defense. Maxine is his baby, he adores her...I'm sure he wouldn't call her 'gross'. We hung up shortly after this dialogue and one about the fact that Olivia won't share with her.

Later I talked to her Dad about it at the tail end of a conversation regarding scheduling,

"Max said you called her gross.."

"Oh my God! She keeps saying that. I have no idea why she thinks I called her gross. I didn't."

"I didn't think you would, it's just that she is so adamant."

"I've told her a billion times I would never call her any names. And I didn't say she was gross. She must have misheard something I said."

"Oh ok. Well she seems pretty upset. You should do something about it."

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, she's saying you called her a 'brat'."

"That's totally true."


miss. chief said...

Maybe she belched super loud or something and he said "Ew, that was gross" and she took it the wrong way. You know how chicks are. *sigh* Women.

Anonymous said...

1. AWESOME about Ben Folds!

2. I love how she's pitting the two of you against each other. She's definitely my soul mate.

3. AND I love the end. "That's totally true." Awesome.

Tony said...

Ben Folds @'ed you?! Lucky...

Maybe Maxine dreamed about her dad calling her gross?

Ms. Moon said...

Ha! Kids!
Great post.

Logical Libby said...

Max is going to be a brilliant strategist one day. BRILLIANT!!!

otherworldlyone said...

Maybe he called her a roast.