Sunday, April 18, 2010

So They Say It was My Birthday!

Friday was my 29th birthday and though my week was emotionally trying and a birthday shopping trip with my Momma (thanks Mom!), an angry Maxine Jane and a rambunctous Elijah went horribly wrong, I had a wonderful birthday.

I was pleasantly surprised by a package that arrived in my mailbox upon returning home from aforementioned shopping trip from hell.

It was the print from this post from Jules at MeanGirlGarage! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift from an excellent friend. She had Eloise from Hide N Seek write a little note for me, I was so excited.

Jeremiah said, "Thanks for showing up my gift random internet lady."

And then right after getting this awesome birthday gift I opened a birthday card and a book from Jeremiah. Which was a wonderful surprise as well, because we had planned a night out, I assumed he wasn't going to get me a gift. When I opened the meowing card (It meowed 'Happy Birthday') and saw his writing my heart beat a little faster. I love seeing his writing, especially when it's for me. "I love you." .sigh. Written there for me to look at over and over again.

We took the baby to Jeremiah's Mum's house (Thanks Teresa!) and after navigating torrential downpours and infuriating traffic we checked into a downtown hotel. It was pretty damn cold and I was delighted to watch all the ladies run around in their strapless evening gowns waiting for the teenage valet to bring their cars. I was fascinated by the husbands (boyfriends, friends, whatever) lack of concern for their wives. You would think one would put his arms around her to keep her warm, or offer her his jacket, but out of the dozens of couples I espied that evening there was none of that. Interesting.

We walked through the maze of downtown, loomed over by my personal Gotham City's skyline and went for a lovely late dinner at a restaurant neither one of us had ever been to. The waiter loved his Hilfiger cologne, but other than his nauseating smell we had a very nice dinner.

Here's a photo recap of our evening and our trip to the History Center the next day. And here's where I say 'Thank You' for the millionth time to Jeremiah for being my friend and lifepartner. I love you too.

Birthday Gloomy Greys:

Birthday Fountain:

Birthday Blurry Dinner Photo:

Birthday Bridges and Baseball Parks:

Birthday Annoying Jeremiah with a Neverending Barrage of Photos:

My Lord and Liege:

Birthday Visit with Mr. Rogers:

Thanks to everyone for the birthday emails and the well wishes on the book of faces! Do I look incredibly old now?!


Sam said...

Happy Birthday, sis!!!

I love the photos! It looks like you guys had a great time, and you are a 29-year-old byoooo-tay.

Can I be on Facebook with you?

Tony said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It looks like you had a wunderbar time. Also, that Mr. Rogers wax sculpture scared the bejesus out of me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jeremiah!
BUT, I didn't give Erin Mr. Rogers!!! COME ON! It's MR.ROGERS!!!!!! AND a MEOWING card!!!!

Random Internet Lady

Ally said...

Erin, what an awesome birthday! Thanks for sharing those adorable photos. You and your hubby are so cute!

I especially like how you pointed out enjoying the fact that Jeremiah wrote "I love you" and that how that made you feel. My hubs knows how important it is for me to see at least one line written in my holiday or birthday cards. It almost trumps the gifts!

Very sweet post. Happy Birthday!!

Ms. Moon said...

No. You do not look old. You still look like a tender young sprout of a girl.

Happy birthday and I am so glad that you got the chance to go and be with your beautiful man.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy belated birthday. You and your family make the world a more special place.

Logical Libby said...

I was going to wish you a happy birthday on Facebook, but then I thought that was a bit impersonal. Saying it on your blog is so much better!


Vic said...

Happy Birthday, Erin! You look fabulous!

Petit fleur said...

Happy Birthday Erin!!

I know this is a birthday that is considered one of the biggies... donno whether you are feeling that or not, but I will tell you that my thirties were my BEST decade to date! And the forties are pretty great too, and not over yet!

Many happy returns O the day,

Kim said...

Did you get my present? It was MUCH better than the one from Jules.

And the aloofness is how you can tell those men were with their wives and not their mistresses.

otherworldlyone said...

Happy happy happy late birthday, Er bear. You looked lovely in your photos, btw.

erin said...

Sammy Sue: of course you can be on facebook with me. Email me your name and I'll add you.

Tony: Much to Jeremiah's chagrin I touched the statue's hands. Freaky real feeling!

Jules: The two of you really made my day extra special.

Thanks to everyone
for the well wishes and compliments. They mean a lot to me.

mylittlebecky said...

happy **llaaaate** birthday, lady! it looked faboosh.