Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reconnecting and Pooping (okay so no pooping)

Yesterday I 'reconnected' on facebook with one of my favorite friends from high school, Natalie.

After talking with her I decided to get out one of my photo memory boxes and post some old photos of us and of a few people that are my friends on facebook. I'll share a couple here too.

This is my mom in 1983. Cute! (and the jury is out on whether she is my friend on facebook or if my little sister, also on facebook even though she's 12, made her a fake profile)

This is me and Nat all dressed up to go to some Goth thingy. We're only 16 in this picture, which makes me very upset, considering I have daughters. Some much older girl dressed us up that night and I'm sure my parents had no idea what we were doing.

Me and Nat later that night, looking decidedly younger.

Nat and Jarred who ran the local record store I worked at as a kid. I'd rarely, if ever, get paid with anything other than manic panic hair dye, cd's or lp's.

This is me and my cousin Kristen at my high school graduation.

Tomorrow is my baby's birthday. Elijah is going to be 2 years old. It actually gave me slight butterflies to even post that.

I held down the weaning fort and haven't nursed him in ten days. I've also been dieting for ten days, but I don't have a scale so I have no idea if I'd made any progress.
I'm trying out the Lacto-Ovo-Pescetarian diet, even though most of my life I've been just your plain old run of the mill vegetarian. My dad has been a vegetarian since I was a small kiddo and we have very similar tastes, so it's much easier for me to not eat meat than your average bear.
I'm eating shellfish and fish this time so I can still go on my Japanese dates with Jeremiah and get my Pretty Girl roll!
Here is my new plan:
I've started eating cereal, measured out Multi-Grain cheerios and one piece of fruit for breakfast.

For lunch I try to eat all veggies. With maybe a little homemade dressing.

I have 1/4 of a cup of mixed nuts for a snack before the girls come home from school.
And one serving of whatever I'm making for dinner, unless it has meat in it...then I'll eat some homemade veggie soup I have frozen.

The only two times I've wavered (or outright failed) so far were at my mom's house last Friday where I ate one peice of pizza, which is fine...but then my brother was eating these huge chunks of garlic cheese bread and dipping it in this i ripped off a piece and went to town. It was good.

Then Sunday night Elijah and I shared a bowl of ice cream.

I do yoga in the early afternoon, and usually just running around after the kids and cleaning the house for exercise, although I ride my bike on the weekends and walk Elijah all around the neighborhood just to keep him busy.
So anyone want to do this diet with me?

Tomorrow I'll be posting Elijah's birth story. It's not a gross, scream-filled don't worry.


otherworldlyone said...

Neat pictures. I love the one of your mom. Makes me want to dig out my album.

As for the diet...people don't like me when I diet. Or quit smoking. Or just wake up in the morning. Sigh.

My boss is on a cabbage soup diet. I keep my office door closed as much as possible because she tends to stink up the joint.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hey if you want to be Facebook friends as well as blog buds, hit me up at and tell me your full name and I'll add you. I'm one friend away from 200 and it would be oh so awesome if you were number 200!

Ms. Moon said...

Wonderful pictures. And I can't wait to hear the birth story.

Petit fleur said...

Sweet pix... all kids do things that they don't want their parents to discover. All we can do, is hope that we've taught them how stay cautious while experimenting with risk/darker side.

I don't diet anymore, but thanks for the offer.

ladytruth said...

Can't wait for the birth-story; they always fascinate me for some obscure reason since I've never had kids before. But love the pics; thanks for sharing ;)

mo.stoneskin said...

I've never heard of a vegetarian bear, I imagine they would find giving up meat quite difficult. Come to think of it, I've never heard of a goth bear either.

Mwa said...

Dieting makes me tired. I'm doing it, too, and just now I just want a beer and a large bag of crisps.

John Pender said...

My breakfast is usually a really small bowl of cereal, like 1/4 cup or so with a splash of milk. I just much on fruit all day. Dinner is my real meal of the day.Works pretty good.
I don't think I could do the vegetarian thing.

Prosy said...

I was all "Yay! Erin's going to talk about pooping too!" and then massive disappointment. Except I got to see slightly slutty/goth jailbait Erin, so that was good.

mylittlebecky said...

i love old pictures! and i'm on an xmas diet! woo!

ps i think i might be in love with the grey hat/neck warmer. i have an abnormally large head. is that extra?

Pearl said...

That's a pretty strict diet. I'm impressed!

More yoga!



erin said...

OWO: The first couple days I wasn't shoving food in my mouth was pretty miserable.

Dr: We're now facebook friends. But I watch Project Runway the night after so stop giving stuff away! ;)

Ms.Moon: I think you're at the hospital right now, I hope everything is going smoothly.

Petit: Thanks. I think we'll weather through the teen years somehow. There are 4 of them, it's inevitable that something insane is going to happen.

Lady: I'm getting ready to post it right now. I was always fascinated with birth stories before I had kids.

Mo:Well, I wasn't really a goth (just that one night)...and I'm hoping to be much much thinner. So maybe I'll be a thin bear?

Mwa: I don't drink but a big bag of crisps sounds excellent.

John: Sounds like a good plan for your day.

Prosy: I am here for your amusement, like a clown.

Becky: It won't be more for your giant head. Most of the hats are pretty stretchy because I started to use a really high quality yarn. I want to be about 40 pounds thinner before I have to see all the people I always run into at Christmas time.

Pearl:Hopefully it does some damage on my size. Being over 150 at my petite-ish height just makes things awkward and clumsy.

Sam said...

Happy Birthday, Elijah!

I feel like I have that same "gothy" pic of my friend Synthia and me, though we are 18, not 16, in the pic. Also, it disturbs me that the adorable pic of your mom in '83 looks like it could be from the 19th century, but that was when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. :)