Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Linkage, not Cleavage. Sorry Folks.

Today is a day of love and linkage, my friends.

I love you, I'll link's the circle of life.

Lana is having a 100thpost/Birthday giveaway here. She is so sweet I could just eat her alive, eyeballs and all.

Do you remember when I did this silly thing? Well John Pender finally got around to posting about it, three months later. Better late than never, right? Right. It's also my favorite post of his ever...considering it's mostly about me (and his strange obsession with some girl form Spy Kids) it may become the BEST POST EVER WRITTEN!

This is Jeremiah's youtube page...which is supposed to be for his guitar videos. I somehow took it over with kids videos and also unwittingly merged his youtube account with my Google account. I feel like a jerk for doing it, cause now he has to use my account to sign in etc..etc.... not to mention he can't set up a new account with his email, because it's still attached to the original youtube account. Any suggestions on how to get past this mess I created? I would love for him to have his regular account back, sans kids videos and my account info. To make up for it, listen to his guitar playing, come back here and tell me how handsome and talented he is.

I know this is a link about me, but did you know that only three people have looked at this listing? I have a feeling that this is going to be a very unsuccessful winter season for me. Boohoo, pity the baby, give me little pats and coo at me...
I have been getting a few custom orders already outside of the shop though. So thanks.

Here are some of my new favorite handmade finds on etsy:
Hot Pink Baby Bear Hat

Oh wait! That's one of my listings...whoops.

Okay, for real to wrap this up here are some more links:
Milo in Maine (which is Liz's shop, one of my favorite bloggers)

House of Harriet does all types of mugs, including custom portrait mugs, which is just a kick ass idea!

Leather Prince I love all of these cute leather things, especially the owls and the raccoon...and many many more. If you ever buy anything from this shop, do me a favor and link him to me and this post and maybe he'll give me a discount!


otherworldlyone said...

Linkage is fun. Can you make a hat that looks like a penguin's head? Or a dinosaur head?

Lana said...

thanks for the link! you're the only one with two entries so far :)

lizzie lou said...

xoxo thanks for the linkage, erin!

Sam said...

I like it better when the links are about me. Can't you write about me every day? :)

John Pender said...

Linky linky love ya!

Mwa said...

Can't get that John Pender link to work. Maybe I'll try later.