Monday, April 6, 2015

Dork Designs by Erin - Shipping now included

Advertising is a strange task. On one hand I feel like I'm asking people for money and on the other hand I know I have a quality product made of the best materials that I have worked very hard at making... I'm torn.

Regardless I haven't been into using Etsy as of late. I am just not that great of a photographer and don't have the tools accessible to me readily to be able to make the types of professional listings I think would compete well on that site. So I have been selling to local shops, and here and there through Facebook and other medias. I posted this post recently about examples of what I do for Dork Designs and a list of custom order prices.

Here's a round up of the handmade stuffies I have available after the Easter onslaught. All bunnies and bears are $40 including shipping and measure approx 14" from tips of ears to bottom of their toes. Each bunny and bear is made of hypoallergenic fibers and fillings with love by me.

Message me at or like Dork Designs by Erin on Facebook and message me there for ordering info!

"Cousteau" Bunny

"Sweet Tart" Bunny
"Bertie Mae" Bunny
"Butterscotch" Bunny
"BubbleYum" Bunny
"Wicket" Bear
"Simon" Bear

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