Thursday, April 2, 2015

Advertising Me: Fickle Un-Business Like Woman...Almost 34 Years Old

Well my life has been in a tumult of twist and turns as of late! But one thing is constant and strong in my life: my inability to pick something and stick with it. I mean I do some things pretty well.  I can read the shit out of a book. Just eff that book up and know every single thing about that book. I can crochet like a madman, tear that fiber up yo. I can literally make anything with my hands as long as a crochet hook is involved. I can binge watch shows while crocheting like a boss. I finished like six projects and watched the whole Season 3 of House of Cards in like one day and half a night. Beat the crap out of Netflix and our data plan with the cable company. Those pansies didn't even see me coming and pow! I sat on my overweight ass and watched TV for like 13 hours.

One thing that has stayed consistent over the years is my small business Dork Designs by Erin. I do custom crocheted gifts for people who like to buy handmade goodies that are just too damn cute for words. I started doing cold weather accessories over five years ago and have since moved on to stuffed animals, bunnies and bears and other little creatures. My most popular order is a custom bunny/blanket set for a baby shower gift, child's birthday, etc. Each handmade creature is then named by my children...which is always interesting. I haven't shared any of my new custom order photos in a really long time so bear with me and hopefully you can share/like my Facebook page for Dork Designs. I mean, if you want to.

Pricing of some of the stuff in the photos below:
-Custom bunnies: $60 (prices may change depending on which fibers you choose for your bunny)
-Bunny and small blanket:$140
-Crib sized baby blanket alone with applique of your choice: $120
-Custom bunny with matching baby/kid hat: $90
-Custom squids are $40. 
-If you see a bunny, bear, squid or any creature on my Dork Designs Facebook page that is currently for sale it is $40 which includes shipping. Just message me and I will send you an easy to pay invoice! For example this bunny is for sale: "Bertie Mae" Bunny
And this one is not: "Razzle Dazzle" Bunny

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