Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For all The Milky Ladies...

Yesterday I posted an article about breastfeeding in public and ended up getting some really great responses at Sprocket Ink and on my facebook page. A small debate took place on facebook...but I'm still very much interested in everyone's opinion on the matter, so if you end up clicking on a Sprocket Ink link and reading the article Breast is Best: Just not in Public? please leave a comment and give me your opinion!

Also, I received a few emails from breastfeeding mothers, mothers to be and breastfeeding 'fans' or 'advocates' that wanted to hear what else I have to say about breastfeeding and also my experiences. As I mentioned in the post before this one, my time is limited by a new day job, which brings my telecommuting jobs number to three. Instead of writing a whole new piece about my experiences and opinions on breast feeding, I'll be linking them below in a little list.

I am open to any questions or comments you might have and would be more than glad to answer your questions privately via email if you're not comfortable sharing them here or at Sprocket Ink.

OK, I'm a Breastfeeding Nazi

Being A Woman

What am I? A Cow? Here for your Nutrition?

Who's Weaning Who Here?

Breastfeeding Power


Colleen said...

Erin, first of all, congrats on the new gig! Secondly, I totally agree with you. I am fortunate in that New Yorkers couldn't care less what you do in public. I've nursed my daughter in Central Park, at Lincoln Center, and, most recently, at Giggle, where a store employee invited me to use one of the gliders on display.

I did have an experience on the plane where the flight attendant told me that I couldn't use the baby carrier during take off or landing because it was a hazard. That didn't make sense to me and I told her so. Her explanation was, "If we have to make an emergency exit and you are unconscious, we need to be able to access the baby." In other words, leave the mom, take the baby. And people wonder why I'm wary of flying.

Angela Christensen said...

You know I'm an 'old' mother - my boys were nursed back in the 90s, but they were nursed everywhere. My feelings on this topic are deep-seated and simple: Nursing is best. You don't like it? Avert your eyes.

And: congrats on the new gig! Good for you!!
Love, love,
Angie at Eat Here

Jiu Jitsu Los Angeles said...

There really is nothing wrong with breast feeding in public. It's something that's a part of life. And as long as you're covered, you know, with a blanket or something, it's far less worse then what people see on television. I don't understand what the big deal is!