Friday, April 8, 2011

LoL Cat Sammiches for My Blog Readers

You may or may not know that I work at home and have recently went back to pretty much a full time working schedule. This has obviously left me unavailable for much creative writing and my friend Adam was concerned for my poor neglected blog.

I weeped tears of pitiful frustration and he patted me on the back and said, 'Erin dear, do not worry. I will assemble a team of awesomeness and write a blog post for you that will update your blog and make it a renewed place of enchantment and wonder.'

That's exactly what he said.

His assembled team of awesomeness included himself and Jen from My Tornado Alley. This is what they wrote for us to enjoy, thanks guys!

Adam: Well, Jen, welcome. We agreed to write a blogpost for
Erin's blog and so here we are. Writing a post. We're writing a post,
la de da, whoop de doo. Not that you seem too into it. And what's up
with that? We're supposed to be writing here and yet are you working?
No. Do you seem interested? No. What's with that?

Jen: I'm writing this blog post just as much as you're writing
this blog post, ADAM, I'm just taking my time and really mulling over
what this blog post should be ABOUT. You know? Like, we can't just
write it about nothing. That would be stupid. I'm TOTALLY interested
in writing it, I'm EXTRA interested, actually, as a matter of fact.
MORE than you, I think. MORE. THAN. YOU.

Adam: You're so interested in writing it you're just using
random capital letters to make yourself sound important. Which is
totally sad, Jen. You need to step up your game. We're writing a blog
post here, this isn't trivial. We have to give it our best and our
most and our everything. We have to capture the Eye of the Tiger, Jen.

Jen: Tough words, big man. So, what are we going to do then?
We're obviously going to include an adorable LOLcat, right? I mean,
obviously. Who doesn't love an LOLcat, amirite? And then what? We
could maybe do one of those memes where we list one million things
that no one cares about? And then stick the LOLcat right in the
middle. It'll be like an LOLcat sandwich!

Adam: A meme LOLcat sammich? Is that all you have? You're
better than that. Paint a picture for the epople, Jen. Paint them a
word picture. Here, I'll show you how! We open the blog post on a
sunny day, the leaves are falling and the drug addicts are slinking
away to hiude behind bushes, only noticable by their sounds and
snorfling. Snorfling is a good word. Why don't we use snorfle more
often, Jen? What's that about? I say we bring back the word snorfle.

Jen: I like where you're going with this. A blog post about
drug addicts and snorfling. It's good, but it could be BETTER. What
with all the stray LOLcats we're going to bring into this. STRAY
LOLCATS, ADAM. Have you seen Cats? Of course you have. It'll be
like that, only LOLier. So, the drug addicts are hiding behind the
bushes, snorfling (naturally), and the homeless LOLcats stroll up to
the drug addicts, non-challantly. So as to not draw attention to
their switchblades. Because...right?

Adam: And then they can dance fight. This will be epic! DANCE
FIGHTING LOLCATS! It'll be called... Meowside Story. No, it won't that
name is a buncha rubbish. What should we call it, besides "Beautiful"?


Adam: You do win. That's it, I'm out.


Jen O. said...

This is pretty much the best thing written on the internet in the history of forever. Who ARE these people and how do I get their autograph?

Colleen said...

You have FANTASTIC, witty friends. Thanks for posting.

SherilinR said...

wait, but where's the LOLcats?

Logical Libby said...

I have never witnessed such a battle of wits before. I have to go lie down now.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I have one question... How much wine were the two of them consuming when they wrote this blog post for you?

erin said...

Jen: I can probably hook you up with an autograph...for a price! Mwahahaha!

Colleen: No, thank you for reading!

Sherilin: This goes beyond photos, my dear.

Libs: I swooned. Yes. I. Did.

Little Ms: They were both at work while writing this. So, I think it's safe to say there was no wine involved. Just jack daniels and crack.