Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion Show Debacle, by Me

If you are a friend of mine in the real world or on the interwebs, you have probably heard me complain, whine, fret and or/any combination of the above about what I am going to wear to a wedding that Jeremiah and I will be attending at the end of the month.

Jeremiah is in the wedding and I know a total of 3 people attending. Should be interesting.

Further cementing her place as possibly the Best Internet Best Friend EVER...Becky (otherwise known as Steam me Up Kid, The Great), my B.I.F. sent me some of her dresses to try on.

Sent me in the mail. From L.A. Yes.

I told her I would take video of this 'trying on of the dresses' and the post them. I hate these videos, hate my face and my fat arms. How come I could gain ten pounds back from losing 60 and it goes directly into my ARMS? Weird and unfair!

Here are four short videos of me and the dresses Becky sent me.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Try not to make fun of me TOO much after and/or during these videos. And tell me which dress, if any, that you liked!


Elizabeth said...

The third one is sexy on you. The fourth one too.
(I too am an Autumn and I wear navy all the time.)

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Wow!! That black one really accentuates your waist! And the one with the stripes at the bottom looks good on you! I like the last three, all a tie. Pretty! *happy claps!*

Nicole said...

I vote for three and four. You're ridiculously adorable, btw.

Maybe three has an edge . . . Either way, you win!

And, happy birthday!

marcia furman said...

I like the third one best!

Mollie said...

you are so damn cute. I'm saying wear any of the last three. wear the one with three quarter sleeves to the rehearsal dinner when you're meeting new people because you seemed most comfortable in it and we all know that a comfortable lady is a happy and interesting lady.

On the third one, it's called 'ruching' and you did look dy-na-MITE in it.

The fourth one, well, if that's the one your kiddo says zing...you can take that to the bank, er...wedding reception.

And your arms? Pah! Those arms lift your babies and hold them close... they're strong.

Yay for weddings and meeting new people.

I challenge you, Pikachu, to talk to three people you don't know... especially an old lady. They have the best stories!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i vote for #1 dress: it's pretty and looks nice for a wedding.

runner up would be #3: your figure looks great and this would be a great look for an evening wedding and/or reception.

MJ said...

My idea of hell is clothes shopping! How nice to have a bundle of dresses mailed to you to try on at home.

I like #3 best. Super flattering on you.

Elly Lou said...

I like three and four. *rowr*

liz woodbury said...

you look HOT in the third one (marilyn monroe hot), and i really like the fourth one too. pretty pretty pretty. you're gonna have fun looking pretty at that wedding, i promise!

bring a little sweater -- i like to have one when i'm wearing a sleeveless dress (even if it's too warm), for moments when i suddenly feel self conscious about my arms being exposed (though your arms look as lovely as the rest of you, strong and curvy).

also, it doesn't look like you need spanx, but if you go that route, target sells a store brand called assets (get it? ASSets?) that's cheaper.

p.s. i love in video 3 how you rub your butt and say, "silky."

Brooke said...

I say 1 or 3. Though to me, 1 looks black, so I don't know about that autumn thing. With 3, you don't need Spanx! That waist to hip ratio is damn sexy.

Enid said...

first, belated birthday wishes, hope it was a good day for you?

My suggestion is dress 3 for the rehearsal, and dress 1 for the actual wedding. Maybe take 2/4 for evening reception? A small stole or shawl might be advisable considering how change the weather can be in Late Spring

nova said...

Aw, when you said "my friends" at the end of the last video my heart grew three sizes.

I like what Mollie said about wearing the long sleeve one to the rehearsal because that's where you're going to be meeting everyone and you'll be comfy. The third one is totally sexy and the last one is really flattering, I'd choose three or four for the wedding, depending on what you're going for that night.

Anonymous said...

#s3 and 4!!! LOVE them!!

Dr. Cynicism said...

Agreement with the others, go with 1 or 3 :-)

Erin said...

You crack me up! I like the second and the fourth. If you get spanx, get the one that's attached to a bra, otherwise the dumb thing just rolls down your midsection when you sit down. :-) Happy belated birthday, BTW...