Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Way You Make Me Feel

Ironic that I would talk about 'time spent' while I'm typing on the computer and watching my son try to climb up the mammoth kitchen set, but bear with me just this once (and then once next week, and maybe two or three more times after that).
I have been thinking alot about the time we spend with our loved ones, and what kind of mark we're making on them, and vice versa. Sometimes you equate a certain person with the emotion they make you feel when you are with them, or talking to them.

When I'm with my children I feel proud and happy. Max is more testing than the other three, which makes the moments when she's not disturbing everything around her heightened and more joyful.

Jeremiah makes me feel beautiful and complete. Everyone has their battles and ups and downs. I would work through most anything with him, because I know in my heart he is ever mine. And how many people can know that in their lifetime? So, he also makes me feel lucky.

My mother makes me feel like I should be busier. Like she could stop over at any minute and I'll be sitting here typing something like this! Doh!

Liz makes me feel funny and helpful, even though I doubt I'm rarely either of those things!

Me me me, this is how you make me feel people! Other people's blogs make me feel human and informed. Watching MSNBC at night while I'm falling asleep makes me feel more informed as well, like I'm getting all the pertinent information through osmosis (which I'm not).

David Letterman makes me feel silly, Jeff Goldblum makes me frazzled...sort of the same way my mom does, although I'm not sure why. Strange. Maybe Jeff Goldblum is my real father.

Olivia's bus driver makes me feel relaxed. This kick ass old dude drops her off in front of our house everyday, just cause he's totally nice. Thanks old dude! I try to smile and say 'Hello' and 'Thank You!' everyday.

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Lizzie Lou said...

You are all of those things.... And you don't always have to be busy!