Thursday, November 27, 2008


Everyone's always talking about what they're thankful for every single thanksgiving. What's up with that? haha.
So here's my list:
I'm thankful for the sun. Some days I wake up and the sun is streaming in through the windows and it's like bliss. Warm and bright, it often reminds me of Olivia.

I'm thankful for our home with it's white walls and built in bookcases. I'm thankful that Jeremiah works so hard to provide us with such a nice home.

I'm thankful for the moments I get along with my siblings, I'm thankful that I've had so much time with my grandparents. I'm lucky and fortunate to have spent my life with them.

I'm thankful for books and everyone who's ever written one. I'm jealous and in awe.

I'm thankful that my children are so incredibly healthy. We're blessed with vibrant, happy and healthy children. They might be messy sometimes, and they might fight way too much, but they're not sick.

I'm thankful for the moments with Jeremiah that are quiet and peaceful. I know I'm a pain in the arse, but I can feel how much he loves me in those moments and it makes everything seem worthwhile.

I'm thankful for Ben Folds. I know that sounds silly, but I listen to him everyday and he just makes me smile. Thanks dude.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday and all that crap!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!