Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elijah's First Trick or Treat!

Elijah went trick or treating for the first time last night. His sisters went to their dad's earlier in the day so he had us all to himself. At first he seemed a little unsure, like he was trying to figure out whether he should show off his strange outfit, or be embarassed. By the end of the night he didn't want to go back to his Grandma's house, so she ended up walking him around for another half hour! Just as a side note, this penguin costume was worn by both of my brothers! So cute.


Lizzie Lou said...

That is great... The best looking penguin I have ever seen

Sam said...

I'm proud of your kid! :)

I think a lot of schools are doing "faux" elections with candidates the kids can relate to. At my friend's kindergarten, they had to vote between a dog and a cat. ;)

They believe in straight talk at Jarrah's school, I've noticed. ;)