Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hats Update!

The pom pom hats come in a variety of sizes and are made with a warmer, durable yarn. I love them! If I had more time I'd make myself a bunch in every color! They're also super stretchy. The green and grey ones fit 12-24 months loosely, 2-4 nicely and 6-8 snuggly but still super cute!
This is my 'work space' a.k.a. dining room table.
so girly! I wish my girls were babies still!

This was too small to put on Elijah, even though I tried to squeeze it onto his head! I've planned out everything excpet whether I'm going to put the hats on like I did last year or just screw it all and have my own website. Right now I'm working on matching father/mother/son/daughter beanies, mainly plain because I want them to be for either boys or girls.

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