Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why This Week Wasn't Completely Kick Ass

Last week I predicted that this week was going to be awesome. It turned out to be not so awesome.

Olivia's illness didn't go away and after a visit to the hospital we learned she had a double ear infection. For some reason it took four doses of antibiotics before she even resembled her usual blustery, happy self. Sucked.

I wasn't able to celebrate the warm days by hopping and skipping merrily because I crushed my ankle underneath a giant metal box I was helping Jeremiah carry. I don't think it's broken and I can walk on it, but I look like I have gout or fat foot/ankle syndrome. Look it up.

What was awesome was Sprocket Ink's first week!

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We also welcome some additions to our family. Meet Kermie (who was Hermie and I re-christened) and Freddy McGee:
Wow. That's excellent photography!

I also have these three bunnies left at Dork Designs:

Visit them in Our Kid's Shop to check out pricing!


Nanc Twop said...

wow - good luck with your crabs - how do you tell gender in a crab? (do boy crabs hang out in their undies watching bball?)

liz woodbury said...

oh no, i have a terrible feeling you got those crabs instead of a dog!!!

beta dad said...

Where are the pictures of your giant ankle?