Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

This week's posts will all be re-posts about Jeremiah or new posts about Jeremiah, in honor of his 33rd Birthday!

Growing up my momma was the sweetest, nicest momma any kid could possibly hope for. She might have been unhappy and stressed at times, but she made the best of everyday for me and my siblings. One of the things she did that meant the world to us was telling us our birth stories on our birthdays. She would often gather us in her bed ('us' meaning whichever combination of children were there at the time, I have four younger siblings but there are some big age differences between us...I'm sure teenage me wasn't hanging out on momma's bed the morning of my baby sister's third birthday.) and then recount the story of the day we were born. Mine ends with my grandma missing a card game due to my evening arrival. The joke is that I waited till just after 10p.m. in order to keep her there past the game's start time of 9:30.

I follow the same tradition with my own children and Rose can now recount all of their stories excitedly and faithfully.

Jeremiah was born in the evening 32 years ago. His mum told me the story of his birth when I was pregnant with Elijah and I will tell it to you (in my own words) tonight:

Teresa was due any day with her fourth child when she slid out of bed one warm March morning. She had already delivered three large bouncing baby boys.

She felt energized that morning and set to work on the many tasks she had planned to finish before her impending delivery. She dusted, moved furniture around, played outside in the sun with her sons. She washed the car, prepared dinner and put her children to bed.

Soon after they were asleep she felt pains coming swiftly and surely. Her husband Dave had a neighbor watch the older children and they headed to the hospital. The short drive must have felt like ages to her in this stage of labor.

After a quick examination the nurses determined she would not labor for long. Jeremiah was born a short time after their arrival. He was around ten pounds, healthy as a horse (or a foal, if you will) and very calm.

His birth story is short and sweet. The love his parents have for him and his brothers is obvious to me and I'm sure his arrival was one of the happiest days of their lives. I imagine his mum holding him for the first time and being completely in love. I feel the same way every time I am near him.

Happy Birthday Jeremiah. Happy Birth Day Teresa.


Angela Christensen said...

Erin, I always try to this same recollection for my boys on their Birth Days, thought being boys, I'm not sure they could recount it. I just wanted to say, Happy birthday, Jeremiah, and thank you for making happy this remarkable woman and her amazing children.
Angie at Eat Here

Enid said...

that is a lovely tradition!!! As my 'baby' will be 33 in May, I am a bit long inthe tooth to start. :)) I enjoy reading your posts, the love flows from the screen. belated birthday to Jeremiah.

srizah said...

The photos remind me of dadaism

Ally said...

This is so sweet! Happy belated birthday, Jeremiah!