Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Politics and Facebook

Today I decided to have a little socio-political experiment on The Book of Faces. I wrote a status that was mainly based on a inside joke Jeremiah and I have here at home. He likes to call me a 'Damn Hippy', 'Tree Hugger', calls Obama 'my man' etc...etc... as a joke.

We also have a joke about his mom and some other people we know who have been known to vote 'straight ticket'. So I combined the two things and was curious to see where it would end up.

Me: "I just voted- straight ticket democrat. What do think about that?"
about an hour ago

Dr. Monkey Muck likes this.

Un-named friend of Jeremiah's: it all makes sense now

Un-named friend of mine: You got a sticker anyway.

Un-named friend of Jeremiah's: I think you're 19? Or a liberal arts student?

My lovely cousin: Retard

Jeremiah: I knew it.

My momma's cousin, my second cousin?: sorry to hear about your accident, must have bee a terrible blow to the head

Un-named Friend of Jeremiah's who also made the first comment: what did your kids ever do to you?

Lovely Cousin's husband: I think everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

Although my status was a joke and I had intended to respond within an hour or so and give my actual opinion and political stance, I decided to leave it as is and not just shoot off pithy comments back at my commenters on facebook, which was my first inclination.

I grew up in a home with parents that had often opposing views on a plethora of different areas ranging from health and home to politics and religion. Neither one ever called the other one stupid or idiotic, neither one told the other that they were wrong or retarded. Even when my Dad begrudging admitted to voting for Ross Perot my Mom kept her giant mouth shut. When I told my parents I wanted to vote for George W. Bush in 2000 my Momma didn't protest. She was pushed to her limits though and later cutely elbowed me some time during in 2004 and said 'I told you he was a dickhead.'.

If you prevent someone from fleshing out their own opinions based on what they themselves come up with after investigating all the facts and options, you're no better than those 'Damn Commies' I read someone bitching about on facebook earlier today.

I have never voted a straight ticket. I have never voted because I was bullied, coerced, bribed or tricked. I have never voted based on someone else's opinion, on who looks the nicest, on who served in which war or on which candidate might own the nicest house or has the most cars. I have never voted without researching my candidates and being aware of what each one was representing themselves as.

Have I mentioned that I've never actually voted? Which is also my right.


liz woodbury said...

wait, WHAT? george w.? never voted? you are officially blowing my mind, erin!

MJenks said...

I used to frequent a forum where most of the most outspoken (and, I have to say, uninformed) people did not share anything in common with my political ideals. Instead, it was just pure internet hate that was spewed, ad nauseam, 24 hours a day.

When I dared to correct someone on their position on stem cells, I immediately received private message threats and an invite by said person to "come to Ohio and say those steam cell lies to my face" and then a lot of swearsies and questions about my heterosexuality. It was quite entertaining, in that sort of "wow, the internets are full of dummies" way.

otherworldlyone said...

I hate, hate, hate politics.

HATE it.

That is all.

Logical Libby said...

And everyone has a right to vote how they want, or not vote at all.

That's why I voted Democrat, to keep that whole thing going...

Deidra said...

I'm with you. It's hard to vote when you never like any of them.

Missy said...

Very Interesting! Some of those are very funny!

nova said...

I *always* keep politics out of conversations because there's so much ... controversy, I guess.

Also? I don't understand half of it. And I know more about American candidates than Canadian ones most of the time because like 90 percent of our TV comes from the USA.

Alex@LateEnough said...

I voted republican, green party, democrat, democrat. And I did go through my YOU'RE AN IDIOT phase when I first became a progressive and thought I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE. Then "my people" called my belief in God idiotic and I learned that tolerance goes both ways.

diane said...

Voting is so personal, it's like religion. Regardless of whether you vote or not, you are still Erin to me, with all of those wonderful qualities that make me like you.
kiss, kiss, xo d

Ron Campbell said...

Giving back as tribute some part of what you said. "If you prevent someone from fleshing out their own opinions based on what they themselves come up with after investigating all the facts and options", then you really have nothing to offer.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

My brother in law posts things that make my blood boil on facebook. Most recently it was "vote conservative" and I wanted to facebook punch him. They should make that a thing, like a poke, but more forceful!

Interesting experiment!