Friday, November 12, 2010

Maxism for the People!

Max is on from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep.

And she is constantly and consistently at odds with someone or something. This morning I woke up before sunrise to her freezing cold hands on my back.

"Mom! My hands are cold. Will you hold me?"

Thanks for the newsflash and the delightful wake up, Maxine.

Later in the morning we're getting ready for school and I'm pouring her cereal into her favorite bowl and I already have her favorite spoon in the bowl. She dives into the cereal and eats, then looks at the spoon and starts to whimper, first softly and then slowly the soft whimper began to morph into a low, but very loud wail. The huffing and puffing, the coughing and the gagging soon followed. I tried to calm her but couldn't understand what she could possibly be upset about. Rose finally calmed her by distracting her and pointing out the giant crow that had just landed in the backyard.

"HOLY COW! I thought they only had crows that big in Texas!"

Later as I was walking them out the door to the bus stop I asked her what happened at breakfast.

"I know you think that's my favorite spoon MOM. But it's not. And it hurts my feelings that you don't know the difference between my favorite and the one that just looks like my favorite." (Max proununciations: foon for spoon, fweelings for feelings, fave-o-wit for favorite, wooks for looks)

"I'm sorry Maxine, when you get home from school you'll have to show me the difference."

"You can bet your pretty panties I will MOM!"

What!? haha.

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Megs said...


Also, is this what children are like? Because I am going to be in so much trouble. I will never even notice my child HAS a favorite spoon, let alone be able to identify it from the rest of the spoons.

Brooke said...

"You can bet your pretty panties I will MOM!"


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I wouldn't bet your "pretty panties". What if you lose?

Sounds like your Max is a real firecracker. It hurts my feelings too when people can't tell the difference between my favorite and the one that just LOOKS like my favorite!

Miss Yvonne said...

Cute! I would bet my pretty panties that I would steal your Maxine away if I lived anywhere near you. Which I don't. So don't, like, freak out or anything. I don't need another restraining order this year.

Tony said...

I was the same way about spoons and forks. One day, I was so tired of my mom not being able to figure out which spoon and fork were my favorite (they all looked the same, but apparently, I had my favorites), I had her tie a piece of dental floss on each one so she would never forget. And HI! I haven't commented your blog in years!

Angela Christensen said...

This will almost certainly seem like the Cranky Old Lady Comment du Jour, but I can't resist: It is SO DELIGHTFUL to have the small, precious remembrances of what it's like to be with kids, to raise them, to be their mother at these stages, captured in your blog. Yes, my dears, this IS what children are like, but they change, change, change, and you bet your pretty panties you have to keep up! Thus are we kept youthful, in spite of ourselves. Thanks for sharing, Erin!!