Monday, February 8, 2010

Entries Not Entrails...Contest Updates!

On Friday I posted a contest to win Humphrey The Owl. I have since then been told several times (three times on facebook and three times on blogs) that Humphrey's eyes resemble boobies. This is either going to make people want him less or, as I suspect, want him so much more.

'Boobie Face' Humphrey has been coveted by many and I will be posting contest entries throughout the week.

On Sunday the 14th, Valentines Day, Jeremiah and I will be judging the entries and picking a WINNER!!! If you have posted an entry and I haven't put it on the blog, please let me know in case my broad spectrum telepathy is out of wack.

First is an entry from my only blogging facebook friend (imagine that BECKYS!), Dr. Monkey Muck. He wrote me a haiku that was very sweet, albeit highly inaccurate. I forgive him because of our shared loved for bad vintage sweaters and the ads that those sweaters are featured in:

Knitter, mom, hot babe.
Erin is timeless,
a mountain spring.

Kim, who is hilarious and probably pretty dorky in her own right (that's a compliment, Kimmy Poo) called me a whore and posted this entry:

She also didn't get the memo about my 45 pound weight loss. ;)

Vic is a freaking SUPERSTAR OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. This is her entry:

You can read the poem on her blog...Vic must be one of those overachiever people that you knew in high school that did all the gifted activities AND all of the Honor's Society shit that you (me) didn't even attempt to do because we (meaning me) assumed it was impossible.

Nancy was a former 'winner' of a contest where I sent random junk to random people. She's back to win Humphrey!

Max looks oddly cute as a bear. I am going to insist in the future that she is always wearing bear ears.

Awesome entries so far! Keep them coming. We're going to have the hardest time picking a winner, methinks. Jeremiah hasn't seen any of these so far...he's impossible to corner. And our computer is literally in the corner.


miss. chief said...

holy shit. Vic wins. I quit.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's actually just Dr. Monkey. Monkey Muck is the name of the blog.

blondie-lox said...

i think you look so much like, Michelle Williams. watched that movie, Me without You... and thought.. "hey, that reminds me of Erin!!"

Tony said...

I quit too. There's no way I could top any of those. I really wanted to squeeze Humphrey's eyes. That was like one of two reasons I wanted Humphrey.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Oh yeah...I need to remember to do this. Mostly, I just need to finish my story.

Miss Yvonne said...

Yeah, way can I compete with Vic. I love that owl cute.

mo.stoneskin said...

What would Max say about being asked to wear bear ears constantly? I would refuse outright.

adrienne said...

not only are you loved, but you are loved by insanely talented people.

with far too much time on their hands. no wonder the taliban hates our freedom.

i quit, too.

otherworldlyone said...

Yeah, I'm all jittery with nerves now. All those people are actually talented. I'm just drunk.

erin said...

Miss: Don't quit. Quitters

Dr. Monkey Muck: My blog, my name choosing. Donkey Von Chonkerstein.

Blondie: I'll have to check it out. The picture I have of her in my head is not clear.

Tony: Don't quit. Quitters never win. Yay for repetition.

mjenks: Hooray, I can't wait.

Miss Yvonne: Thanks, Humphrey loves you too. It's not about competition, it's about giving it your best try. ha. I'm so after school special.

Mo: She would refuse, I'm sure. She is a very contrary girl.

adrienne: Don't make me repeat the quitters comment. I'm so...tired...I can't repeat comment.

Aly: Don't be silly. I'm sure you'll do great. I have faith in your oddness.

Anonymous said...

Mine will be uploaded momentarily..... :)

Ms. Moon said...

I so wish I was a contest enterer. Sadly, I am not.
But it looks like fun!

Logical Libby said...

Erin, you are one crafty dork. And I am not just talking about the boobie owl. You can't swing a dead cat in the blogosphere without seeing your name right now!

I just hope I can ride on your coattails.

P.T said...

I tried drawing something but it came out so ugly that I deleted it...and now looking at the other contestants' products methinks I'll stay out!!

Shame on me for having no talent at all...

Anyway I love Kim's painting/drawing...!

Prosy said...

I made one. Are you going to go look at it and post about it? are ya? huh? huh?
do it.

Mrs. Cullen said...

hehe i love reading all these comments.

Angela Christensen said...

I am also not much of a contest person, but I do covet much of your work, and enjoy the competition from afar.
Angie at Eat Here

Unknown Mami said...

Vic's entry is unfreakin' believable!

diane said...

Vic wins. They're all good.
Boobies and a red bikini bottom. yep.

Bethany said...

these are so crazy funny i can't stand it.

Kim said...

Scanner-- the scanner made you chubby when I flipped the picture, otherwise you would have been sideways. Oh well, Vic pretty much ruined it for me anyway. Show off.