Sunday, February 14, 2010

And The Winner Is!

After careful consideration Jeremiah and I have picked the winner of Humphrey the Owl and all his owlish good looks.

I want to thank everyone for their delightful and flattering homages to me. I know announcing this contest made me sound like the world's biggest ego-maniac, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Especially with entries like these:

Nancy made me and Max into stuffed animals.

Vic made an animation of kickassingness.

Kim showed off her artistic talent.

Dr. Monkey wrote me a lovely haiku.

Jules paid homage to me AND Milli Vanilli in one awesome swoop.

Prosy made our love immortal with jam and toast.

And last but not least the talented MJenks wrote an original story starring my alter-ego (an obviously incredibly hot and fit Erin Oliverosetree). His follow up post was almost as golden as the original!

After careful deliberation and a lot of arguing (mostly with myself) I wittled it down to Mjenks and Vic. They both put a lot of thought and effort into their entries and I greatly appreciated both of their homages.

But, in the end, Jeremiah and I have decided that Humphrey will go to Vic!

She's planning on placing him in her front window to taunt passing children, I think this will be a very appropriate occupation for my fine stuffed friend. I have Vic's address, being that she is a customer, and will be shipping out Humphrey sometime this week.

In addition to Vic's prize everyone who entered the contest will receive free shipping from my store and orders via email for life!

Thank you again for the time everyone put into this. I was excited every day this week to see what everyone came up with!


MJenks said...

Yeah! Congrats, Vic!

Her's truly was the best entry. I'm delighted that she won!

Congrats again, Vic!

Dr. Monkey said...

I demand a recount. ;o)

diane said...

Congrats Vic!

otherworldlyone said...

Congrats Vic!

Sorry I couldn't get my shit together in time, Erin. But just because I can no longer win Humphrey, doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel. I'm still going to make you a video. I'll win your love instead. AWWW!

P.T said...

Congratulations Vic!

Prosy said...

You know that friends episode where joey practices his 'losing face' for the awards show, the slow clap with the regretful head nod?
I'm doing that.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Congrats Vic! I love that you're going to place him in the window to scare off children...Nice.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Vic! I knew there was NO WAY I could win against your geniusness!

But now I'm going to need to do a lil' shopping....


Vic said...

Yay! I love Humphrey, Erin. We'll give him a good home, and when people ask me where they, too, can get a handsome booby-eyed owl, I will point them your way. (I do anyway.)

I loved the other entries too! (except I missed mjenks follow-up post - I'm going to go check it out.)

Kurt said...

Yay Vic!

Yay Humphrey the Boob Owl!

Tony said...

Congratulations, Vic! I hope you treat Humphrey well....because if you don't...Ah, hell...I can't make threats

Angela Christensen said...

Congratulations, Vic, and thank you to OliveRoseTree and Jeremiah for an entertaining competition...lots of fun for those of us watching from the sidelines!
Angie at Eat Here

Sam said...

You are so cool to think of this contest. I wish I had been cool enough to have come up with a suitable homage to you. Next time! :)

John Pender said...

Damn. I got too busy to work on my entry. :(

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Congrats, Vic!

I'm glad I'm still your little Beckerino.

Nanc Twop said...

Congrats to Vic!(sniff)

And Erin, the contest was great. But sadly I'm now booby-eyed with jealousy at Vic's win...

But I will cheer up shortly, because I do love my awesome consolation prize. ;-)

Thanks for the fun, Erin!

Kim said...

Damn that Vic.

Please make more mammary animals.