Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ben Folds makes me cry

You can't fool me, I saw you when you came out
You got your momma's taste but you got my mouth
And you will always have a part of me
Nobody else is ever going to seeGracie girl
With your cards to your chest walking on your toes
What you got in the box only Gracie knows
And I would never try to make you be
Anything you didn't really want to be Gracie girl
Life flies by in seconds
You're not a baby Gracie, you're my friend
You'll be a lady soon but until then
You gotta do what I say
You nodded off in my arms watching TV
I won't move you an inch even thought my arm's asleep
One day you're gonna want to go
I hope we taught you everything you need to knowGracie girl
And there will always be a part of me
Nobody else is ever gonna see but you and me
My little girl
My Gracie girl

I love this song, who wouldn't really. Go find it and listen to it now, nothing more cute and touching than a daddy writing music for his daughter. Or a musician pouring his heart and soul into a song for his 'girl', daughter, wife, whatever.
Some of my other faves:
Wonderful Tonight, I'm Yours and Bell Bottom Blues: Eric Clapton
Something and What is Life by George Harrison (all written about the same woman!!!! Imagine how egomanical she must be!)

Alison by Elvis Costello
Always on my Mind willie nelson or elvis, whatever floats your boat
Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel
Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan

There are soooo many more!
My boyfriend and the love of my life is a musician and it is one of my fondest dreams to have something composed by him with me in mind. Like he sat there and had a vision of me in his beautiful curly head. He put concentration and love into thinking about me and it came out of him in the form of a musical composition. What could be more perfect than that?

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marcia furman said...

I've been hearing so much about Ben Folds lately... I had one of their albums a while back but I hear the new stuff is really great! I'm going to have to look into that! :D