Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dieting Twitter Style-Let's Do It!

At the tail end of 2009 I set out on a journey to change my weight drastically (I had set a goal of losing 60 pounds) and make my eating lifestyle much more natural. By October I had lost 25 and was really feeling excellent.

By February 2010 I had lost 50 and was weighing in at the not so stellar, but still much healthier, 150 pounds. That's where I got cocky and since then I've gained back 8 of those pounds.

I ride my stationary bike 2 times a week, but other than housecleaning and children caring, that's the only exercise I do. The freezing cold winter doldrums doesn't help anything in this regard either.

It's a lot of fun to ride your bike everyday when you're rolling past beautiful scenery and coasting down hills. It's a little bit different to ride in your gameroom constantly peddling and watching Hello Kitty Theatre from 1987 (thanks instant netflix!).

And this is the rub: Jeremiah is the best man in his friend's wedding on April 30th. I am, obviously, going with him (sans child!) and don't know anyone there except for the groom and bride. Not a soul.

So in order to not be super shy and ruin the night for myself and Jeremiah, I must MUST lose 40 more pounds and find an absolutely perfect outfit. Will you help me? Join with me!

Tweet with me everything you eat, NO LYING, every time you work out and what you did, AND every time you weigh in! We'll tag these tweets #dietingtwitterstyle.

What do you think? I'm posting this post and the tweet pimping out the post on a Saturday afternoon, notorious for the low number of retweet me and link me so we can gain some momentum and lose some weight!


liz woodbury said...

dang, girl. you do NOT look like you need to lose 40 pounds. but whatever, i'll be supportive. as i, uh, sit here eating these milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn things...

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Okay you can weigh what you want to weigh but I thought only children weighed 118 pounds? Having said that, I would love to weigh 118 pounds but I'm not going to join the Twitter thing because my tweets are bad enough without posting what I ate. How about a Facebook group? I'd be down for that?

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Wait, you can't do a fb group if it's called "Dieting Twitter style", huh? That's silly. Hmm.

steff said...

right now im thinking about what i already ate today and its all starting to make sense why im 10 pounds heavier than i was 2 years ago. its depressing as all hell and i totally know what youre saying about the whole winter as de-motivational bc it really REALLY is. don't lose too much weight in too little time tho! i start to obsess about the number and then i end up just disappointing myself so now i try to just take things like a certain pair of pants fitting better as considerable progress.
ive been doing wii fit as of late and however degrading its initially been (reminding me that its been 2 years since i last used it) it makes working out (which i just despise) *kind of* fun.
kind of.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Wowza -- congrats on yourhuge achievement, that is amazing.

I too am trying to drop a couple of pounds, like 30, what I am calling marriage weight.

And there is no way in hell I am twittering everything I eat. Not that brave at all.

Kim said...

You lost 50 pounds????? I lost 30 and got soooo cocky. Probably wore way inappropriate things that I was not skinny enough for yet. And now BAM! Twenty of it has come back on. I'm pretty sure I deserve it as I have been stuffing food into my mouth as fast as my sausage fingers can manage.

Nicole said...

I think it's a bold idea. I'm out, though, because I have no plan to diet. But when I pile on another 5 pounds I might join you.

Vic said...

I 'm working on dropping a toddler's worth of weight myself, but I know I'd totally lie with the Twittering. I'd say "broccoli" but that would mean "Twinkie".
What can we do??

marcia furman said...

Everyone should join ! you can do all that one there...and be friends with each other. you log your food, and your exercises...weigh in etc! it's awesome!

Elizabeth said...

I would love to join you, as long as you promise not to judge.
(Right now I'm licking my finger and dipping it in a ziplock bag containing the salty crumbs of a pack of saltines.)