Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Movie Buff's Best Friend

Jeremiah bought me a Roku for Valentines Day. It's absolutely the neatest thing ever. We use it nearly ever night! We already had a Netflix subscription, so this was a natural progression for us. So for $8.99/month we can watch unlimited movies on our t.v. in our livingroom. (When before I was watching netflix movies on our tiny computer screen) It's definitely worth the purchase for anyone with kids too, unlimited kids movies and t.v. shows too, straight to the Roku and your t.v.! Included in that 8.99/month is one movie at a time delivered to our door, new releases that aren't necessarily available on the Roku for instant viewing. No late fees, just plop it in the mailbox when you're done! Max kept My Neighbor Totoro for months once. Watched it everday!

Max loves Calliou, and there's five or six Calliou sets, we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit the other night, and Olivia and I watched a painting documentary earlier this afternoon.

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Sam said...

Okay, I'm still not sure what it is, but I think I'm sold anyway. Anything that's the next step after Netflix...I'm ready for it. ;)