Friday, March 13, 2009

I Don't Fantasize about Men or Vacations....

It's Friday! For stay at home mom's Friday only means one thing: soon there will be another adult to hang out and be bored with all day long. The added plus is that this partner is also the love of your life! Yay!

But despite the fact I get to hang out with Jeremiah for two straight days, I have something else on my mind. A Kindle is all I can think about. My friend lent me a book from the MYST series and I read it last night. So I researched some of the other books in the series and couldn't find any at the library. I was discouraged, but definitely in the mood to read, so I searched some titles I was interested in reading on our libraries online catalog. They did not have ONE of the books I was looking for! Frustrating. So then I started fantasizing about the Kindle. Oh Kindle, Kindle, Kindle.

I was just browsing through some of bizillion titles for The Kindle and some of them are free! Or pretty cheap! So why haven't I scooped this amazing piece of electronic coolness seemingly invented and devised solely for me? This piece of gadgetry is not cheap. It costs more than a Wii, for goodness sakes alive! Maybe I can sell our Wii and all the games...hmmm....

Anyways, no one would spend this much money on me, I wouldn't spend this much money on myself, and I doubt that anyone would want to be party to reducing me into a zombie-like state for hours everyday curled up in a corner with my glorious Kindle. The children would suffer, the housework would sit and build up and my already annoying use of incorrect vocabulary would escalate to unbelievable heights.
And still...Kindle, oh Kindle, You're all I can think about!!!!!

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Sam said...

Don't hate me because my Kindle is beautiful. ;) I really do love it, though--as a long-time book collector--I was skeptical at first, of the device and the ridiculous price. I thought my husband was absurd to spend that for my birthday, but I've stopped complaining now. ;) I hope your dream comes true soon!