Monday, January 26, 2009

Song Suggestions

Here are some song suggestions for everyone out there looking for new tunes to love, adore and listen to over and over again:

'Why Georgia', John Mayer. Okay, so it's kind of easy listening, kind of adult contemporary (and I know we're all too freaking cool for that) but I love it and most of his songs regardless of how generic they may be. I love 'Your Body is A Wonderland'. Yes, I'm a total fool.

'Samson', Regina Spektor. She's like Tori...but not as serious. This song always makes me swoony and a little butterfly in the stomach feelingish.

'Until I Die', Ben Kweller. Silly but oh so serious. The one line says 'just keep me in mind, give me a try' I love simplicity in love songs.

'Gray or Blue', Jaymay. This is a lusty song. The girl loves the boy, but they aren't together. I totally get this feeling, sometimes cause I'm a mom and with kids all the time I miss Jeremiah and just want him all to myself. It's almost like we're not a really a 'couple' when the kids are there, just their caretakers. So sometimes I find myself daydreaming about his hands, his mouth, his laugh. haha. "
But your sweatshirt says it all with the hood over your face, I can't keep staring at your mouth without wondering how it tastes" and "I know the shape of your hands because i watch it when you talk and i know the shape of your body cause i watch it when you walk"

'You Don't Know Me', Ben Folds and Regina Spektor. This song is on Ben Fold's newest album...which he wrote after the bitter and 'controversial' break-up and divorce from his third wife and the mother of his two children. He claims none of the songs are about her. Okay Ben.
This song is neat, catchy and clever. Just like Ben Folds. Go get all of his songs NOW. Totally worth hours of listening.

Okay, I had a whole bunch more...but I can't remember them now. This whole blogging event took too long and now I have to do some taking care of Elijah and getting ready for the girls' arrival stuff. Hope you take the time to search out these songs and enjoy them as much as I do. Talk to me about them. Love them. Hold them in your arms and rock them gently, like a sweet curly haired infant. ;)

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marcia furman said...

oh i love regina spektor!! i've also been hearing SO many good this about that ben folds... gotta get my hands on that!