Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OUTDOORS finally...even if just briefly

Jeremiah and I took all the kiddies outside yesterday to play in the snow. We were mainly attempting to get Olivia running around and feeling better, since she's been sick for a week now...but that didn't work out all that well. She played for awhile and then burnt out for the rest of the night. Poor Olive.

Rose and Jeremiah almost successfully completed an igloo. They were outside a good half hour longer than everyone else.

Max was silently joyful the whole time. She was shaking and freezing cold when she came in and still smiling.

It was Elijah's first time in the snow. He didn't like it all that much. I think if he could run around like his sister's he would have enjoyed it more. I love his mismatched snow get up.

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marcia furman said...

awww Elijah looks so cute in his little snow suit and hat!