Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Giant Family plus Christmas Decorations equals: INSANITY

Our family isn't anywhere as HUGE as some peoples, I'm fully aware of that...But when you get our four chidren together for an activity it seems like they're multiplied by three, at least.
Olivia insisted we stand apart so she could see more of this christmas tree. Can you stand how adorable Jeremiah looks in his PJs? Ahhh! He's so freaking cute!

Elijah (14 months) wasn't all that happy at this point. He's still adorable.
He's not helping AT ALL here, actually he's pulling the bulb off of the tree. This happened a trillion times more.
Olivia (5, almost 6) was a decorating NAZI. She became bossy and very easily upset with her siblings during the tree beautifying process.

Rosey (8) is always an angel.

Max(3)is emaciated from the flu she still isn't over yet. She really enjoyed decorating though.

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marcia furman said...

awww! i miss Rose!!

you have the cutest little family!