Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Recent Photos

I'm not one of those mom's with a DSLR strapped across my front (and no offense of course if you are). As a matter of fact my Power Shot was horribly crushed by Olive a year ago and I've been using my phone with it's measly 9 megapixels since then. I happen to love taking photos though so I have literally thousands on my phone and more still on my clouds on the interwebs. All of my photos go right to my Amazon cloud which also houses my important documents, all of my music, books and movies.
I 'store' photos on Facebook and also on Instagram which has led me to some heated arguments with some people because I always say I would be a small fee for either of those programs because they house my photos and some of my videos.

Regardless when I can't sleep at night or when I'm waiting in line, etc, I find myself perusing Instagram more and more. I even find myself squaring off photos I take in my mind, knowing which ones will look better in that format and which ones don't.

Here are my recent faves:
My nine month old puppy Blueberry
Photo by embachman
My Grandmother's memory table at my parents' house
Photo by embachman
A cooler than cool Elijah
Photo by embachman
Jeremiah and Elijah twilight bike riding
Photo by embachman

Rosey, sixth grader


SherilinR said...

i love some random photos. that poochie pic at the top is adorable with his cowlick.

Madeleine said...

These are fantastic shots! I'm also rather addicted to Instagram and these days, I look at it before I even jump on FB of a morning. I also do the mental squaring-off of photos... totally hooked.

I've somehow missed a lot of your recent posts, so I'm off to attempt some catch-up...

Alma said...

I have a fancy camera ... but lately I have been using my iphone more lately it is certainly more convenient. It takes more random photos which I love. Your pics are great!

Terry Admaja said...

They're cool! I love photography. You may visit my blog