Friday, March 30, 2012

I Serenade Elly with a Halting Version of Love Me Tender

For Christmas I got my darling Olive a ukulele, a tuner and a cutesy ukulele kids book. She didn't touch it once except to take this photo:

So I started messing around on it and voila! I became an uke addict in several weeks. At first it was difficult because although I can read music I have never played any instrument and aside from watching Jeremiah play classical guitar wasn't really sure how you played/strummed etc.

I learned though and loved it.

Now my friend Elly who plays ukulele like nobody's business is sick and I guest uke'd for her 'cause she's got the unholy shingles from hell. Let's all wish her speedy recovery!!!! HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SWEET ELLY GIRL!

Regardless I posted a video for her and am on her site today.

If you promise not to make fun of me either publicly or privately I will link you. OK? Promise? Uke Me Tender at Buggin Word


gini from my messy girlfriend said...

ahhhh you are so cute:)!
well done for teaching yourself!!
i really want to learn the ukulele as well..

Elly Lou said...

First? I think that picture just made me ovulate. And that is saying something.

Second? *smooches*